Thursday, January 29, 2009

BabyNeedsMilk, The Creation!

I am new to this blogging thing, but I know it will help my business, so here goes!

BabyNeedsMilk is my creative side. My son was born with milk protein and soy allergies, so he had to be put on Neocate, which is a VERY expensive infant formula. In order to put his milk on the highchair, I started creating anything I could possible sew to make my life easier! I began with baby security blankets or "minkeys". They made a BIG difference in my son's life, so I made some for playdate moms and then began selling them at craft fairs. I then came up with "baby mommy towels". A towel apron with a velcro neck for ease at bathtime. From there I created "how to books" which teach children how to button, snap, zip, tie and velcro. While I was working on books, I made a shape matching book and an infant touch and feel book. With my sister's help, all my books are montessori based with an educational purpose and a little fun and sparkle added in for good measure!

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